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Case Study

Centennial Coal

Centennial Coal helped Pulse Mining co-develop the Production Analytics solution.

Centennial Coal

Centennial Coal are striving for operational excellence and maximum efficiency in their production processes.The Production Analytics solution, with Add-ins to capture data from continuous miner equipment, was co-created with Centennial Coal to meet this need. Using rapid product prototyping and an agile discovery development process, Pulse Mining developed Production Analytics for application in mines everywhere.

Website: http://centennialcoal.com.au

The success of the project has resulted in Centennial Coal proceeding with the development of 'Production Analytics' across all mining process types in operation at all mines.

Bruce Davis Centennial Coal Process Engineering Superintendent

Pulse Mining Systems’ Production Analytics is a mining-specific analytics solution that enables mine leadership teams to focus on increasing productivity through smart visualisation of a range of key production measures including:

  • Production statistics (budget, sites, rates, equipment, processes, locations, material, shift, time, etc.)
  • Production activities (operating hours, cutting time, downtime, rehandle, etc.)
  • Productivity measures (utilisation and availability)
  • Production costs

Production Analytics home screen