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Case Study

Delta SBD

Former Pulse Mining customer, Delta SBD was one of the largest contract companies in the Australian underground coal mining industry, Delta SBD provided services to mining corporations in New South Wales and Queensland.

Delta SBD

Former Pulse Mining customer, Delta SBD was one of the largest contract companies servicing Australia’s underground coal mining industry. It was an ASX public listed company (ASX code DSB). The Group was geographically diverse, with operations across NSW at the Southern, Western, Hunter Valley and Narrabri coalfields and across the Bowen Basin in Queensland.

Website: http://www.deltasbd.com.au/

Pulse Mining provided a real difference in their mining-specific approach, commitment, and solution knowledge compared to previous implementations I have been involved with.

Tony McFadden Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

The problem – an inflexible legacy system

Prior to Pulse Mining ERP, Delta SBD used a legacy financial, payroll and client invoicing system. The system was inflexible and unable to meet the complexities of their business requirements and was not suitable given Delta SBD strategic growth expectations.

  • No automated or integrated payroll solution.
    • Delta SBD personnel performed manual data entry duties and followed a complex worksheet process in order to perform payroll and reporting tasks.
  • No payroll management.
    • Complex and manual methods for processing caused significant time constraints.
    • Personnel manually explained and interpreted worked time and payment information.
    • Client invoicing involved external manual spread sheet calculations and reconciliations.
  • Inadequate reporting. The system was unable to provide adequate reporting structures.
  • No web integration. Manual paper based requisition and payment authorisation work processes were required.
  • No asset maintenance scheduling or warehousing capabilities.
Delta SBD FBL60 with support
Delta SBD Extra Heavy Duty Lift Vehicle (FBL60) with Support.

The Solution – Pulse Mining ERP

Tony McFadden, Delta SBD Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary was familiar with the benefits Pulse Mining ERP offered.

His involvement with a Pulse Mining ERP implementation at Helensburgh Coal left him impressed by the flexibility, scalability and mining-focused approach and decided Pulse Mining ERP was the best option to resolve their existing problems.

To best accommodate Delta SBD business and resourcing requirements the Pulse Mining ERP implementation was divided into two phases.

Phase 1 - data conversion and payroll

  • Phase one was approved by the Delta SBD Board at the end of September 2012 and went live on 1 January 2013. The phase was completed on time and on budget as planned. This phase included:
  • A full legacy data conversion.
  • 4 complete payroll parallel runs.
    • These spanned the entire payroll process from source payroll data capture to final client invoicing.
  • Utilisation of Pulse Mining business consulting services.

Phase 2 - asset maintenance and inventory

Due to the success of phase one, Delta SBD implemented phase 2. Phase 2 included:

  • Inventory modules
  • Asset register, maintenance and scheduling
  • Plus implementation for 2 Delta SBD subsidiaries.


  • Pulse Mining ERP provides a complete, end-to-end and integrated solution that supports and enhances Delta SBD business processes plans.
  • Pulse Mining ERP is designed to evolve with all Delta SBD future expansion plans.
  • A direct result of phase one implementation, Delta SBD is experiencing several business process improvements and an increase in personnel satisfaction.

Several management benefits.

  • Payroll automation: Lessens employee interpretation risks.
  • Statutory compliance: Pulse Mining ERP is continually revised to be ATO, Superannuation and Payroll reporting compliant.
  • Organisational reporting structure: Management have access to high visibility costing, segregation and internal control of departmental responsibilities.
  • One source of truth: Rather than silos of information, Delta SBD has access to a singular source of accurate data.
  • Management Reporting: Increased reporting functionality irrespective of management/staff geographic location.
  • Purchase orders: Improved transparency and vision of purchase orders and purchasing processes.
  • Mobile smartphone and iPhone/ iPad requisition and approvals: Increased productivity and efficiency for Delta SBD’s mobile and dispersed workforce.

An increase in payroll productivity.

  • Payroll management: Pulse Mining ERP automates complex, variable and unique requirements specific to Delta SBD’s business processes.
  • End to end solution: Reconcilable data from payroll integrates to the ledger and client invoicing modules.
  • Efficient payroll data capture: Job costing is fully integrated into modules with client invoicing.
  • A more informed workforce.
Delta SBD's Scope of Services
Delta SBD's Scope of Services

About Delta SBD

Delta SBD Group’s objective was to provide value-added services to clients by forging profitable long-term partnerships. Delta SBD provided each project/mine with competent work teams, fit for purpose equipment and excellent site management backed by a supportive corporate management. The Group used safe and efficient work methods enabling on-time completion of all works and services to client requirements.

Delta SBD provided specialised support in extracting underground coal with over 600 skilled personnel and fit-for-purpose equipment.

They were a leading provider of:

  • Whole of mine operations
  • Longwall relocations and support
  • Roadway development
  • Conveyor Installations and maintenance
  • Mine Services
  • Secondary roof support installation
  • Drill and blast excavation
  • Ventilation device installation
  • Services/utility installation/recovery
  • Plant hire and maintenance
  • Supplementary labour.
Delta SBD representative — Tony McFadden
Tony McFadden

Joining Delta SBD in 2010 as Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary, Tony McFadden has more than 22 years’ experience in the underground coal mining industry. Previous to Delta SBD Tony held a senior role as Commercial and Business Manager for Peabody Energy, the world’s largest private-sector coal company, and Commercial Manager for Excel Coal Ltd, Sada Pty Ltd and Advance Coal Ltd.

Tony was integrally involved with ASX listing Delta SBD in December 2010 and has been involved with numerous coal mining activities over the years.

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