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Case Study

Whitehaven Coal

Pulse Mining uses data discovery techniques to provide clients with ‘quick wins’ from multiple sources of unstructured data.


Pulse Mining used Tableau to work with a variety of unstructured data sources from Whitehaven Coal to develop a new and agile information architecture for the company.

Website: http://whitehavencoal.com.au/

I have been trying to get hold of this data for 20 years... and you just provided it in 40 seconds.

CFO, Whitehaven Coal


Analyse Current State

Document all data sources, confirm information flows and depict information silos.

Brainstorm and agree future state

Create a blue sky based target, future architecture.

Set Benchmarks and Roadmap

Working backwards from the future state, define incremental delivery milestones based on:

  • Achievable functionality
  • Minimum viable product (MVP) philosophy
  • Pre-agreed, stakeholder approved scope
  • Agreed set of quick wins.

Identify Quick Wins

  • Analyze and ‘flesh out’ quick wins requirements and deliverables
  • Isolate quick wins which map to; Strategic, Tactical, Operational levels of the organisation
  • Baseline scope of quick wins and set expectations with senior stakeholders.

Build Quick Wins

  • Deliver, quickly (2x week sprints)
  • Create working model – immediately validate with end user. Refine UI and data architecture, per quick win.
  • Feed results(model/Analytics) back into the evolving information architecture.

Unstructured data methodology

In 2014 Pulse Mining used this model successfully with Whitehaven Coal, where:

  1. The new CFO wanted an example of Tableau as he had been provided a report from Gartner and also had a recommendation from a peer.
  2. Pulse created a series of visualisations from both the established data warehouse and the ERP.
  3. Show n’ tell delivered to the CFO, with live data - within weeks…
  4. CFO “I have been trying to get hold of this data for 20 years and you just provided it in 40 seconds”
  5. Pulse recommended a series of short, focused mini projects aimed at a specific business unit with the intent of providing immediate visualisations for current spreadsheet users.
  6. Visualisations and analytics for; Finance (weeks), HR (hours) and mine management (days) rolled out across the organisation
  7. Following the success of this strategy Pulse Mining was engaged by Whitehaven to bolster the unstructured data elements of the business and incrementally evolve the information management architecture through iterative delivery of Tableau visualisations and analytics.