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A nod of approval for our workflow management system

Reduce costs and streamline work processes with our comprehensive approvals system.

A nod of approval for our workflow management system

Now, more than ever, those in the mining industry are searching for ways to streamline their business processes. Establishing a system of controls around separation of duties will reduce organisational costs to maintain, or even attain, a competitive advantage.

Workflow approval management systems positively impact organisations - they refine business processes and open communication channels. Without on-system processes, such as approval management systems, the task of locating relevant approvers can be a time consuming activity. This absence can limit the visibility and transparency of information within the business.

Having established solid foundations for workflow approval processes, organisations can expect to be more agile and responsive to market changes.

Supply & Utilities sub-module Direct Purchasing offers clients a comprehensive workflow approval system. The approval system is designed to mirror an organisational structure and its internal work hierarchies. It can be custom-fit to suit the requirements for mining organisations of all sizes due to its flexible configurability.

Approvals are easily managed via real-time email notifications and a daily summary of outstanding approvals. These approvals can be completed internally via Pulse Mining ERP or externally using WebSpeed, a browser-based application.

Mobile enabled, WebSpeed provides approvers with the added flexibility to manage approvals both off and onsite. With a modern and user friendly interface, approvals simply require a ticked box.

In addition to managing workflow processes, approvals can be managed through a variety of options, such as order type, costing limit and percentage and value invoicing tolerances.

The approval system has been designed to suit specific scenarios mining organisations might experience. Examples of potential scenarios include:

  • Temporarily assigning approvers to cater for personnel on leave,
  • The ability to nominate or bypass approvers as required,
  • The capacity to raise a requisition on behalf of personnel who are unavailable (by proxy) and,
  • Out-of-hours orders, to ensure critical or unexpected orders outside business hours are addressed.

The workflow approval system caters to a global market, providing foreign currency validation against daily conversion rates and base currency limits.

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