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Contract Administration

Manage risks, define business relationships and meet obligations with our Contract Administration module.

Contract Administration

Contracts are a fundamental aspect of mining. They enable organisations to manage risk, clearly defining business relationships and obligations. Poor contract management can damage client relationships and result in a loss of business and overall reputation. In severe cases, it can incur fines, penalties and legal action.

Used by organisations for a multitude of organisational facets, contracts assist with labour management, meeting vendor and supplier obligations, mine planning and material, resource and facilities maintenance. They offer mining organisations flexibility, a means to acquire specialist skills and fill labour shortages.

Pulse Mining ERP Supply & Utilities module provides a Contract Administration solution for mining organisations. It is designed to act as a point of reference for contractual information. Personnel can record and maintain relevant information in order to meet contractual obligations and manage the services associated with specific contracts.

Contract-specific information often negotiated and registered off-system, such as agreed schedule of rates, can be entered directly into the system. It assists contracts personnel by validating critical information during order raising and invoice processing. This information could be used, for example, to ensure services don’t exceed a contracted (pre-agreed) schedule. In addition to meeting contractual obligations, organisations can experience long-term cost savings through accurate budgeting for future expenditures.

Contract security is provided by the ability to restrict user access to specific contract categories to protect confidential information. With a powerful approval system, contracts administration management can be integrated into existing workflows. Personnel can receive notifications, such as the expiry of contracts, to ensure further contract compliance.

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