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Contracting and Sales component provides best-outcome for organisations

The Contacting and Sales sub-module provides organisations with a central system to manage contractual information and quality.

Contracting and Sales component provides best-outcome for organisations

Contracts are no longer bulky documents hidden away in filing cabinets. Contracts entered into the Marketing and Logistics module act as ‘living documents’. This means they become a reliable reference and  measure of quality for business transactions, significantly aiding organisations with contractual compliance.

Some of the Sales and Contracts sub-module benefits include:

  • Sharing documentation between organisations
  • A mobile-friendly, web-based interface to review and approval both on and offsite
  • Contract quality monitoring with rejection levels, penalty and bonuses based on a quality definition
  • Customisable contract numbering
  • Defining multiple contract lines with different pricing such as provisional, indexed and final.

The system reduces the requirement for paper-based documentation and individually maintained spread sheets. Instead, the information can be entered into the system and utilised to streamline business processes around contractual quality and sales.

Contract and sales data can be accessed across the entire system, including best-outcome blends, railing and scheduling and invoicing.

Sales can be generated from contracts in Marketing and Logistics. A yearly schedule of sales can be easily generated based on vessel frequency and product availability.

Each mine sale is assigned to an allocation period to assist in the management and maximisation of its port allocation. Each allocation is tracked to allow verification through reports of allocated capacity used, including swapping of allocated tonnage between mines.

Demurrage and despatch details can be customised for each contract with calculations performed based on entry of actual demurrage details. Details pertaining to Letter of Credit are documented, assigned to a sale and tracked throughout the logistical processes involved with the sale. Internal warnings alert users of issues such as exceeding contract tonnage or the use of a US identified terrorist link to a vessel.

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