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Customisation? Standardisation? How about co-creation!

As the battle between ERP customisation and standardisation continues we throw a third hat into the ring – ERP co-creation.

Customisation? Standardisation? How about co-creation!

The argument for ERP customisation vs. standardisation is long standing, and to this day no one has been able to definitively give an answer one way or the other. Every company, including yours, has their own unique set of processes and circumstances which can (but not always) make them better suited for one or the other. The vast majority of companies find themselves somewhere in the middle, and are forced to pick their side.

Simplistically, the side for customisation argues that the software is tailored to meet your individual needs, and will help to maintain your competitive advantage. Team standardisation will rationalise that out-of-the-box solutions are based on tried-and-true industry best practices.

The whole argument boils down to the following:

Standardisation Customisation
Lean and mean – just the barebones and basics to cover the essentials. A tendency for complexity – each change increases the ERP’s overall intricacy.
You don’t need to worry about all the details; they’ve already been decided. Is expected – today everything is customised, from your iPhone to your pizza.
You might need to change your business processes to meet the needs of the ERP. The ERP is changed to meet your individual needs.
Is based on industry standards and best practice. Your unique business processes might not be as great as you think.
For those on a budget – less customisation means less spending. Money, money, money – customisation costs in time, resources and cash.
Your ERP assumes you have no competitive advantage. Allows you to build in your competitive advantages.
Easy upgrades – no muss, no fuss. Can be tricky to upgrade – custom code means custom problems.

So, should you go with the vanilla, standardised ERP solution or invest your time and resources into customisation to support your every quirk? Before you decide, we have an alternate solution:


Co-creation breaks away from the traditional process of telling customers what they want. Instead a company, like us, will listen to the ideas of clients and customers, and actively involves them in the product creation process.

We adopted this strategy several years ago, and we have found that our clients have been more than satisfied with the results. We call it our ‘Product Co-creation Philosophy’, and it’s made up of two core components.

Component #1: speak your mind

Our clients are provided with a chance to speak their minds. In doing so they offer fresh and innovative ideas that enable us to better enhance our ERP, Pulse Classic. This process is a two-way street, which means that your ERP receives the enhancement in return.

Your latest enhancement to our ERP doesn’t remain with you. We have broken down the silos between clients - they receive the enhancement too.

This leads us to the second component of our co-creation philosophy.

Component #2: to give and receive

In giving ideas and ERP enhancements you receive the same back from all of our clients. This means you receive the ideas and insights from successful mining companies from all over the globe.

By harnessing the wisdom of the crowds we can be sure that you are always at the forefront of the mining industry, and move with tides of inevitable change.

We have put together a short video which will give you a quick demonstration into how it the process works.

As illustrated by the video above, everyone benefits from the Product Co-creation Philosophy. It is both standardisation and customisation at the same time. Think about it – your ERP is receiving frequent customisations which are based on industry best practises. And since it isn’t just you receiving these customisations (all our clients too), this means the customisations are being standardised at the same time.

And since we are the only ERP that is built specifically for the benefit of the mining industry, you can be sure that the enhancements are based on industry standards.

As far as we can tell, no one else in the mining industry is offering the same approach to ERP development and improvement. Pulse Mining ERP, our core product, has been developed specifically for the benefit of the mining industry, which means that we have an ERP that is built by the mining industry for the mining industry, and we are determined to be the mining ERP solution of choice.

Is co-creation the answer for you?

In summary, our Product Co-creation philosophy means:

  • That you can have direct input into how you want your Pulse Mining ERP.
  • Mining companies from around the world are contributing to our ERP, which is your ERP too.
  • Everyone emerges a winner – you, the rest of our clients and us.
  • You have a mining-focused ERP that evolves with the industry.

There is no single answer that will solve everyone’s problems - every organisation is different. If the vanilla or customisation options aren’t working for you, then why not come on over and give our co-creation solution a try?

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