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Don’t let your data down

Providing clients with peace of mind, Pulse Mining Disaster Recovery Services are a cost effective and competitively priced insurance policy.

Don’t let your data down

There is no questioning the importance of having a disaster recovery plan for your business. These plans ensure continuing operation after an unexpected event such as a natural disaster or a technological-related failure. Organisations without an adequate plan in place could find themselves millions of dollars out of pocket, the event tarnishing their reputation and hindering future business prospects.

Protecting those in the mining industry, Pulse Mining IT Services offer disaster recovery solutions to both prospective and existing clients. Application-level and hardware-level are the two core solution types provided.

Application-level is a Pulse Mining ERP specific disaster recovery solution. Pulse Mining ERP data is updated in near real-time, creating a mirror image version at an offsite back-up location. This solution provides the advantage of little to no downtime in the unexpected event that disaster recovery is required.

Hardware-level is a more holistic disaster recovery solution, producing a backup of an entire virtual or physical server. This backup includes a company-specific instance of Pulse Mining ERP, databases and 3rd party applications such as Microsoft Exchange. Clients can choose the level of periodic updates required, such as near real-time, 4 hourly timeframes or nightly server backups.

The disaster recovery services offered by Pulse Mining IT Services have provided invaluable on more than one occasion. After the Brisbane floods in 2011 destroyed a client’s onsite premise, they relied successfully on their Pulse Mining disaster recovery services to minimise disruption to their business.

Pulse Mining can tailor disaster recovery plans to meet the existing needs of clients. This includes those who already have existing data recovery procedures or starting from scratch.

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