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Fast, flexible and user-friendly Financials reporting

The Pulse Financials module has the tools for financial reporting, analysis and better business decision-making.

Fast, flexible and user-friendly Financials reporting

It’s been a difficult 12 months for those in the mining industry, and the next 12 months aren’t looking much easier. Organisations have had to face the challenge of low prices, escalating costs and heavy competition. To succeed in such a demanding environment, they need to be able to make good decisions, quickly.

The Pulse Mining ERP Financials module has a variety of reporting and analytics toolsets designed to provide clients with flexible and near real-time financial analysis.

Web Intelligence (WebI) and the Financial Analysis Services Cube (Financials Cube) are two new reporting products available to clients. Clients are able to create and manage their reporting requirements themselves, and the toolsets fill the need for more flexible and customisable reporting. They are currently used by a number of clients to support their cost management initiatives.

WebI is a Business Objects tool which provides self-service reporting. Browser-based, users can build and publish attractive custom reports for use across the organisation. Suitable to users of all levels, WebI employs ‘Universes’, a technology that translates ERP data models into user-friendly business terms.

The Financials Cube is a Microsoft Excel based analytics (OLAP) tool which provides fast and flexible analysis of financial data. It is targeted at accountants, who are often familiar with Excel. This means they can quickly start leveraging their data in new ways. Users can easily break up, summarise and drill down on data, presenting a first step into the world of Business Intelligence.

Both WebI and the Financials Cube have been built on top of the Pulse Financial Data Warehouse. It provides a data repository on which reporting and analytics products can be run without slowing the operating ERP. The data warehouse is updated with data from the Pulse Mining ERP on a scheduled basis.

Clients also have the option to use ERP Operational Reports. They offer the advantage of fast real-time reporting straight from the ERP.

The Financial Analysis Services Cube, WebI Universes, and Data Warehouse are Pulse Mining products, and available to all Pulse clients.


Pulse Mining ERP Financials Cube report
A report generated by the Financials Cube.
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