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Find the right balance with effective stockpiling

Ensure you have what you need, when you need it, at the right place, at the right time.

Find the right balance with effective stockpiling

There is an increasing cost associated with mining, particularly in Australia. Labour, increasing compliance and quality management standards, mining taxes, an unpredictable marketing climate and fluctuating commodity prices are forcing organisations to reduce operational costs. Effective stockpile management can drastically reduce these costs and assist mining organisations to maintain, and in some cases improve, profits.

Pulse Mining ERP provides the tools for effective stockpile management. It can reduce operating costs, optimise resource consumption, improve scheduling and assist personnel to make better, more informed decisions based on real-time, accurate company data.

To enhance operational efficiencies, the system provides a single, integrated solution for stockpile information. Entered only once, data is available across the entire system and provides an automatic tracking feature which consolidates data for easier reporting. The need for spread sheets can be removed entirely, reducing manual data entry and associated errors.

Organisations can report on stockpile balances at various locations. A data warehouse is available for specialised reports and dashboards.

Stockpile balances are automatically updated from production data entry and material movements. Manual updates can be performed as required, such as monthly adjustments.

For organisations that require basic stockpile management functionality, Pulse Mining ERP module Operations can provide the functionality. The Pulse Mining ERP Marketing and Logistics module provides additional stockpile management functionality for those who require a more advanced comprehensive solution.

For a complete solution, the two systems can seamlessly integrate together to effectively utilise resources, maximising profitability through the provision of optimal blending from stockpiles to meet quality obligations, loans and borrowing and railing. Stockpile data can be shared between the two systems to achieve optimal blend and sales mixes.

A screenshot of the Stockpile Dashboard.
A screenshot of the Stockpile Dashboard..
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