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Full utilisation for the Supply module

We have formally recognised our quiet achiever, the Utilities module, combining it with Supply.

Full utilisation for the Supply module

No longer hiding in the background, Pulse Mining Utilities has been formally recognised as a module. It has joined forces with the existing Supply module to form ‘Supply and Utilities’.

The Utilities module is foundational to the overall functionality and configuration for Pulse Mining ERP. It is responsible for the underlying operation of user accounts, printing, emailing, batch scheduling, server timeouts, foreign currency conversions, attachments, and organisational architectures.

The formal recognition of the module is an outcome of Pulse Mining’s dedication to continuous improvement, and the delivery of value to clients.

The Supply team will have the opportunity to develop specialised knowledge of the module. Clients and other Pulse personnel will be able to easily identify ownership, resulting in faster issue resolution and development reaction time.

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