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Giving staff the skills they deserve

Ensure your personnel have the skills they need to operate in a safe manner without impacting organisational productivity.

Giving staff the skills they deserve

Employees working at mine sites often operate in high-risk environments, which require a degree of safety awareness. Without adequate training programs organisations run the risk of putting unqualified staff at risk of serious work-related injuries and illnesses such as inhaling dangerous levels of coal and silica dust or exhaust fumes, incorrect use of dangerous machinery or explosives and exposure to damaging noises.

Workplace health and safety within the mining industry is highly regulated due to these risks. The establishment of relevant and effective training programs ensures a mining organisation, and its staff, can operate in a safe manner without impacting productivity.

A Training Skills Matrix is an effective tool that can be used to manage and monitor organisational training needs. It provides a snapshot of current and required training for selected individuals, such as a crew working on a longwall in an underground mine.

The matrix can also be used by managers as for gap analysis to identify upcoming training requirements and budget accordingly. An alternative use, Training Skills Matrixes can be printed and placed in crib rooms to empower staff to take responsibility for their own training.

Creating Training Skills Matrixes using Pulse Mining ERP Human Resources module is a simple process. The toolset is customisable and can be configured to meet individual organisational training needs. The matrixes can be generated to represent required skillsets for various areas across an organisation and can be automatically generated for areas where up-to-date skillsets are critical.

The Training Skills Matrix itself is customisable, with no limit to the number of skills required. Skills can be grouped or ordered in preference.

Assigning staff to Training Skills Matrixes can be completed in a variety of ways, the most common individual selection, crews, classification and location.

Pulse Mining Skills Matrix

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