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It’s our approach to service that makes the difference

It’s no secret that we consider our clients to be the heart of Pulse.

It’s our approach to service that makes the difference

A combination of expert knowledge and extensive industry experience, Pulse Mining offers high quality support services to assist clients with reaching optimal utilisation of Pulse Mining ERP.

Direct and personal contact, timely responsiveness and open and transparent channels of communication with support personnel are just some of the benefits Pulse Support Services provide.

Pulse Mining offers a range of additional support services to clients, including ERP implementation and assistance, business consultancy, IT services and training.

Structured to meet client needs, Pulse Mining consists of several micro-teams. Client support issues are assigned directly to module specialists, meaning the people able to take appropriate action receive the support ticket immediately.
The teams consist of highly dedicated support professionals who understand the complexities and requirements of those in the mining industry.

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