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Managing contract labour is easy work

We’ve provided a permanent solution for the easy management of contract personnel.

Managing contract labour is easy work

Contracted labour in mining, particularly in Australia, is a well-established industry standard. Competitiveness around contracts ensures mining organisations attract skilled workers who offer their specialised skill sets to maintain ongoing efficiency and productivity. As a result mine sites can have a large volume of contracted labour personnel at any given time.

Due to this number, manually maintaining timesheets for contracted personnel can be a complicated and time intensive process for administrative staff. In addition, invoices received from contracted personnel need to be matched against work registers and timesheets to ensure correct allocation of hours and costs.

Pulse Mining ERP Supply& Utilities sub-module Contract Labour is designed to simplify and automate processes around contracted personnel. Facilitating faster processing and payment, Contract Labour alleviates problems commonly encountered with managing contract personnel timesheets and invoices.


Timesheet entry is automated, and can be completed by either contracted or administrative personnel. Typically the system is configured for administrative staff, as contract personnel often experience access restrictions from mine site remoteness.

There is no need for physical timesheets. Contracted personnel can submit them by email using a .csv template which can be uploaded into the system individually or in bulk. They can be uploaded frequently as required, such as daily or weekly. This process ensures all timesheets have been loaded by end-of-month, saving administrative staff valuable time and reducing manual data entry requirements.

The timesheets capture vital information such as associated work orders, work completed, hours worked, the cost of work and materials.  Timesheets imported into the Contract Labour sub-modules can be matched against a supplier, aligning category codes and the schedule of rates.

Based around a pre-defined schedule of rates and usage-based costing, organisations can effectively manage budgets and costs around contract personnel.

Contract Labour can integrate with Pulse Mining ERP modules Human Resources and Operations. Contract personnel can be linked to payroll awards, while work orders can be updated, to ensure accurate, timely cost allocation.

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