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Mining-focused Marketing and Logistics module a winner from start to finish

Our Marketing and Logistics module provides a complete end-to-end solution for the mining industry.

Mining-focused Marketing and Logistics module a winner from start to finish

0.2%. This figure marks the average annual increase in saleable product gained from using the Pulse Mining ERP Marketing and Logistics module. It might not sound like much, but for a mine producing 4 million tonnes per year it adds $640 000 to annual revenue. Owning 3 mine sites increases the figure to $1, 920 000. And that’s a lot.

Marketing and Logistics offers a complete mining-specific solution to manage and track product from the mine to end customer. It provides the functionality to manage stockpiles, create best-outcome blends and sales mixes, command contract management and compliance and access to data in real-time.

To ensure maximum utilisation of resources, the system produces best-outcome sale mixes via automatic and manual blending options. This includes assistance with reducing penalties paid in relation to resource quality.

To assist organisations with contractual compliance, contracts have been integrated into the system to exist as living documents.

For enhanced end-to-end optimisation, Marketing and Logistics can seamlessly integrate with Pulse Mining ERP sub-module Production. These two systems share data such as product produced from mines and stockpile management.

It’s also capable of third party integration. Transportation logistics, such as rail scheduling is simplified by integration with Pacific National systems. Additionally, to ensure certified quality of stock, Marketing and Logistics can integrate with superintending companies. The system provides the capability to import data such as such as production and sales forecasts and rail transactions for enhanced integration with external systems.

The system is based on a single-source of truth. This means data only needs to be entered once to be accessed across the entire system, reducing data entry issues and reliance on spread sheets. One of our clients, Australia’s largest coal producer, found that utilising Marketing and Logistics removed the requirement to update and maintain over 250 separate spreadsheets.

With a standard suite of reports and a data warehouse available for specialised reporting, organisations can benefit from more informed decision making.

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