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No reaction required with preventative maintenance

Save on costs, keep your staff safe and gain a reputation as an all-round good guy with our Preventative Maintenance solution.

No reaction required with preventative maintenance

The mining industry is heavily reliant on high performing machinery. The processes involved with extracting minerals can be hard-wearing on tools and equipment, with unplanned breakdowns often a costly endeavour.

Our experience indicates preventative maintenance through scheduled services can provide a cost saving of up to 4 times in direct costs and 10 times in indirect costs. In addition, preventative maintenance offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Predictable operational costs leading to better budgeting,
  • Safer working conditions and happier personnel,
  • High performing and reliable assets and
  • An organisation-wide reputation of consistency and stability.

Pulse Mining ERP Operations module provides a comprehensive management facility for preventative and breakdown maintenance. It allows organisations to schedule and forecast upcoming work and identify potential incidents before they occur.

The module seamlessly integrates with Pulse Mining ERP modules Production, Financials, Supply and Human Resources. Information can be updated and shared across an organisation, such as transfer costs, parts information and personnel details.

Forecasts can be generated to provide planners and schedulers with a list of upcoming and overdue services. They can be run for a variety of time periods, however are typically forecast 12 weeks out from the scheduled service date. Items listed on the forecast can be converted into Work Orders, for ultimate process streamlining.

The system is highly customisable, and can be tailored to meet specific organisational requirements.

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