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Pulse Mining make history with new CEO

In a company first, Pulse Mining Systems has appointed a CEO, Mark Spry.

Pulse Mining make history with new CEO
Clockwise from top left: Lukas Kadlec, James Silcock, Bob Barry, Mark Spry and Ashley Bosworth.

In a company first, Pulse Mining have appointed a CEO.

The resulting restructure focused on senior-level positions in order to promote closer client relationships and progress strategic and business planning, new initiative governance and project management.

The new CEO role comes after the recent announcement of Managing Director, Mark Schroder’s retirement. Joining the company in 1981, his retirement marks the end of an era for Pulse Mining.

When Mark Spry joined Pulse it was obvious that he brought to the table a new set of management skills and other industry experience that the company should take advantage of. His enthusiasm, energy and drive for improvement were evident from the day he started.  I am more than comfortable that I will be leaving Pulse in good hands.”  - Mark Schroder, Managing Director Pulse Mining

Mark Spry joined Pulse Mining in 2012 as Product Services and Delivery Manager. In this time he implemented a series of positive improvements, notably in relation to the structure and operational management of the organisation.

He brings a wealth of experience to his new CEO role, having spent the past 20 years working on IT service delivery projects in a variety of countries across the globe. His portfolio includes representing technology powerhouses such as EDS and CSC in relation to their key clients in the Australian banking industry.

His new role has the support of the Directors and has been warmly welcomed by all employees.

“Mark brings a wealth of talent and business experience to the CEO portfolio and the Pulse directors have great confidence that under his direction Pulse Mining Systems will continue to grow.” - Bob Barry, Director Pulse Mining

“This is an exciting time for Pulse Mining, and signifies our evolution and commitment to keeping up with the times. I’m looking forward to working with Mark in his new role.” – Lukas Kadlec, Director Pulse Mining

“Mark brings a lot of energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas to the CEO role of Pulse Mining Systems. I see only positive things for the future of the company with Mark in his new role, and personally I’m looking forward to working closely with him to continue improving the Pulse brand and product line.” – Ashley Bosworth, Director Pulse Mining

“I welcome the appointment of Mark Spry to the CEO role and look forward to a long and productive working relationship. Mark has the credentials, experience and knowledge to strengthen the Pulse Mining company evolution and maturity.” – James Silcock, Director Pulse Mining

A message from our CEO, Mark Spry

Pulse Mining has been built on solid foundations. We work in partnership with regional companies and pride ourselves on supporting interstate and international clients. Some of our partnerships span decades, and it’s a rare occasion that a client decides to part ways.

Throughout the years we have maintained simple principles – flexibility, responsiveness and delivery on promises. This is what has helped us to maintain and expand our client portfolio.

As a company we recognise that the industry is changing, as is the sophistication of our clients. The financial pressures that we are all exposed to means that there is increased scrutiny for all forms of expenditure, and a heightened focus on reducing operating costs. As mining specialists we share this industry with our clients, so we feel these same pressures.

Increasingly we are being asked to draw on our experience and provide consultancy services to assist with enhancing business efficiencies. No longer are clients satisfied with choosing technology ‘quick fix’ solutions - it  needs to be underpinned by costing proposals and tangible benefits.

Essentially the primary function of an ERP is to capture transactional data in support of discrete business activity ‘flows’, whilst maintaining an overall resource and financial position. However the value of this captured data does not end there. Well targeted ERP information analytics and solutions that visualise ERP data in a way that supports role based decision making is the future of our industry. Place this on a mobile device and you’ve gained real competitive advantage.

For 2014 and beyond we have set our sights on further developing our business intelligence products and services and enabling higher levels of integration with other technology packages and fleet management systems. Ultimately, to fulfil our aim to integrate with every data source in a client environment, offering component based solutions that operate in conjunction with other technology offerings and smart analytics that guide operational decisions.

“We aim to be the pulse of mining. And that means providing smart solutions to our clients so they can remain productive, manage costs and enhance shareholder value.” - Mark Spry, CEO Pulse Mining

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