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Safe and sound with OHS module

Our Health and Safety module makes it easy to establish and maintain a safe working environment.

Safe and sound with OHS module

Human Resources sub-module Health and Safety provides clients with an easy to use system designed to ensure workplace and employee safety.

Suited to both the mining and non-mining industries, the Health and Safety module is a simple web-based application which provides personnel with the tools they require to effectively manage and promote a safe work environment.

The module is highly configurable, and can be personalised to meet specific corporate requirements, including complex workflow approval systems.

The Health and Safety module is comprised of four main components, which combine to form a comprehensive safety system:

  • Incident Entry provides the functionality to prevent and manage workplace incidents,
  • Potential Hazards enables a proactive stance for the identification of potential and existing hazards,
  • Actions can be created and assigned to remove a potential hazard or rectify an incident and
  • The Reporting tool provides users with a clear and current overview of Healthy and Safety performance

The Health and Safety module is capable of independent functionality; however it has the functionality to interface with our Pulse Mining ERP Personnel and Operations modules. Defects and Work Orders can work together to keep OHS up-to-date across an entire company.

The OHS module is Australian OHS regulation compliant.

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