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Scanning the benefits of warehouse automation

Barcode scanners offer a variety of benefits, namely automation. Find out more about our end-to-end barcode scanner solution.

Scanning the benefits of warehouse automation

Barcode scanners, also referred to as Radio Frequency devices, are handy gadgets for those involved in manufacturing, retail or distribution.

Barcode scanners provide automation, saving personnel valuable time and remove the potential for errors, such as misinterpretation. Manually performing certain tasks, such as stocktakes and parts issues can be a time and resource-intensive activity. This is especially true for warehouses due to their variety and quantity of items, which can reach millions.

Pulse Mining ERP Supply sub-module, Stores provides its users with barcode scanner integration. Connecting through Wi-Fi, users can utilise the efficiency of barcode scanners to review stock on-hand and update their inventory within Pulse Mining ERP in real-time.

Inbuilt functionality for security and separation of duties, storemen are freed from direct input for all stock movements, receiving a daily digest to review. Designed to assist with data collection and entry, barcode scanners can assist with real-time inventory reviews, record movements, and changes in bin locations, physical counts and updating associated parts lists for items.

Users have the added advantage of printing barcode labels, meaning they can internally manage all aspects of their stock. Additional functionality includes the option to print Work Orders with barcode labels, costing allocations and login labels.

Providing an end-to-end solution, Pulse Mining Systems can provide pre-configured barcode scanners, printers, scanners, specifically designed barcode labels, implementation and tailored training packages. The barcode scanners can be configured to suit both open and closed stores.

The barcode scanners provided by Pulse are suited to the mining industry due to their robustness and ability to handle dirty and dusty conditions.

Barcode scanners work by reading barcodes, a printed ‘Morse code’ that consists of black and white stripes. Barcodes are unique and often associated with stock items, providing personnel with a simple solution for effective inventory management.

Barcode scanners are currently used by Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group, Centennial Coal, Outbye Engineering and Mining Services and Glencore Xstrata.

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