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Self-service creates win-win outcome for staff

Our Employee Kiosk will save valuable time for Human Resource personnel and empower your workforce.

Self-service creates win-win outcome for staff

The Pulse Mining ERP Employee Kiosk sub-module is a self-help tool that empowers employees to manage their personal information, freeing Human Resources from a multitude of administrative tasks.

Accessible by browser and easy-to-use, the Employee Kiosk greatly reduces staff reliance on Human Resources for a variety of tasks.

Employees can take ownership of their personal information such as name changes, emergency contacts and payment details. Additionally, they can print payslips as required and access balances for annual leave, personal leave and long service leave accruals.

The entire Leave Application process can be completed online, removing the need for manual handling, data entry and frequent approval status updates.

With a reduced number of administrative tasks to perform on behalf of employees, Human Resources personnel can focus on larger and more strategic tasks.

They can also expect a reduction in overheads, such as paper requirements, manual handing, data entry, distribution and administrative costs.

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