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Shining a light on database performance

Our team of highly skilled developers have given the Operations module a performance boost.

Shining a light on database performance

A team of highly skilled developers have pulled back the carpet on the Operations module to give its database some performance enhancing updates. The database performance improvements come as a result of a six month project which involved identifying and rectifying inefficient code. The outcome has seen a boost in database performance for previously problematic areas of the system.

Custom-designed Pulse application Torch was used to complete the project. Named for its ability to shine a light into database performance, the application monitors database activities in order to identify resource intensive database activities. It then provided logs, which were used to optimise queries through smarter and more efficient code.

Some of the most valuable gains came from discovering inefficient queries which at first glance appeared fine.

Speed increases for Production screens

  Before (seconds) After (seconds) Speed Increase
Processing Data Entry Screen 5.87 5.34 9%
Popup Details 15.56 9.99 35%
Processing Shift 11.47 8.34 27%
Refresh Equipment List 11.95 8.36 30%
Production Data Entry 9.24 8.34 10%
Production Adjustments 17.23 13.03 23%
Preview Adjustments 6.57 1.14 83%
Save Adjustments 2min 56sec 1min 52sec 36%

Aside from the database enhancements, the development team involved in the project gained valuable insight into how underlying technologies worked and their impact on system performance.

‘They [the developers] relished the challenge to get the best out of the tools they have. We are lucky to have such a passionate and driven team.’ – Aaron Halverson, Operations Module Lead.

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