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Taking a swipe at mine site security

There’s no debating it – mine site security is crucial. A breach in security can have devastating consequences, disrupting production and placing onsite personnel and the surrounding environment, including the general public, in danger.

Taking a swipe at mine site security

There are numerous security protocols in place at mine sites which protect the safety of personnel, machinery and resources. However, taking a step back and restricting onsite access to only qualified personnel can significantly reduce the potential for an incident in the first place.

Certain areas of mine sites require restricted access, such as blast zones, explosives store rooms and underground sites. Having insufficient security processes in place led to uranium samples stolen from BHP Billiton’s Olympic Damn mine in South Australia.

Security card scanners provide a simple and effective solution. Presenting an additional barrier to physical access, the card offers a swift means to identifying individuals, simultaneously validating their credentials. 

Utilising the latest in card-scanning technology, Pulse Mining ERP has the ability to integrate with Arrow Logic systems, a Singapore based company who specialise in security interfaces. When swiped, the security card authenticates the individual against specific requirements, such as the completion of an onsite induction and checks for valid vendor, insurance and purchase orders.

Pulse Mining ERP Human Resources Module and Arrow Logic integration provide an infrastructure to identify all individuals onsite, and restrict movements accordingly. The data is exported on an hourly basis, which can be used for reporting purposes, such as monitoring patterns, and tracking movements’ onsite.

Pulse Mining clients, such as Centennial Coal and Lake Coal are utilising card scanning technology, and Pulse Mining ERP integration with the system to ensure the overall security of their mining sites.

The security cards are small, plastic credit card-sized devices which contain a microchip. When swiped –or scanned, the card validates the individual, allowing or denying access.

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