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Business Consulting

Advice you can depend on.

Our business analyst experts can provide you with actionable insights based on your data.

Business Consulting Services

As mining specialists we have learnt a few things over the years. We believe in sharing knowledge and offer Business Consulting services to provide practical and insightful solutions personalised to our clients’ individual needs.

Release Management

Our Release Management services guarantee smooth and timely delivery for each Pulse Mining ERP release update.

Additional Release Management services:

  • Guidance and support for best utilisation of new software features
  • Identification of risks, issues or software defects and provide suitable solutions based on your needs
  • Responsive to your development requests.

Payroll Management

Payroll management can be challenging and time consuming. Leverage our payroll expertise to ensure payroll processing is completed in a timely and accurate manner in adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements. Let us do the hard work and free up some of your valuable time.

Maintenance Planning

Effective planning and scheduling can help to improve productivity and availability. Our Business Consulting services provide maintenance planning to increase equipment reliability, improve waiting times and eradicate incorrect information to provide accurate budgets and forecasts.

Our Business Consulting services can:

  • Maintain services and schedules
  • Maintain plant registers
  • Generate forecasts
  • Plan and schedule work orders
  • Print work packages
  • Close work orders and record history.

Production Data Entry

We offer a variety of data entry services for the Production sub-module, an integral aspect of the Operations module.

Our Production Data Entry services include:

  • Entering shift production data
  • Generating production reports
  • Recording production adjustments
  • Loading budgets and forecasts
  • Analysis of historical data (adhoc reporting).

Business Process Improvement

Let us do the thinking for you. We can provide our expertise in business process improvements to automate repetitive tasks, customize your Pulse Mining ERP to meet your individual needs and provide targeted advice to ensure you get the most from your business efforts with Pulse Mining ERP.