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Visualisation & Analytics Services

Data driven decision making

Gain insight into specific productivity bottlenecks and pain points through Pulse Mining's state-of-the-art visualisation and analytics.

Visualisation & Analytics

Pulse Mining uses two distinct approaches and solutions in delivering analytics to our mining clients:

  • Visualisation and analytics consultancy using Tableau, and
  • Product development using Birst.

Both solutions are ‘best of breed’ and have particular strengths, which in the hands of experienced users can be leveraged to ‘payback’ quickly in a number of ways, for instance:

  • Enhanced visibility of data, information and knowledge
  • Development of consistency across operational, tactical and strategic business levels
  • Facilitation of fact-based decision making
  • Attention focused where needed to generate the greatest return.Analytics consultancy - providing 'quick wins' with unstructured data

Analytics consultancy - providing ‘quick wins’ with unstructured data

Tableau is currently ranked as the clear leader in the BI/Analytics space by Gartner.

We use Tableau Software (with support from Birst) in an iterative process to gain ‘quick wins’ for our clients based on rapidly developing visualisations across multiple structured and unstructured data sources.

Tableau allows us to work on-the-fly with these data sources and thus provide targeted consultancy at a strategic or tactical level to both develop ‘quick wins’ in business and management contexts, and to quickly prototype, test and prove information architectures for future development.

Our approach - Data discovery & actionable insights