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Software Module

Visualisation & Analytics

Data driven decision making

Pulse Mining offers a range of ‘out of the box’ analytics solutions including our new mobile device enabled Pulse Mining Analytics Product Suite which leverages data from the Pulse Mining ERP and other sources including machine data (for example from vehicles, continuous miners and longwall machinery).

Analytics Product Development

Unlike traditional Business Intelligence solutions, which generally provide senior management with dashboards to overview historical data, cloud-hosted end-to-end solutions (such as Birst) offer unique capabilities for the development of analytics targeted to operational users rather than those in the ‘C-suite’.

The capacity to integrate near real-time data into the resulting visualisations and deliver the output via a variety of interfaces also differentiates the resulting product from traditional BI offerings.


Birst integration model


Product is developed within a predefined ‘framework’ using the following methodology:

  1. Data is uploaded from a variety of sources – for instance your ERP, training and SCADA systems
  2. Data is filtered through pre-configured connectors and then integrated into a standard staging area
  3. Data is modelled using predefined (or newly developed) modules within the Pulse Analytics Engine
  4. Visualisations & Analytics results are output.