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Ensure that the right mix of materials, is transported from the right stockpiles, on the right transport, at the right time, for the right vessels arriving in port, with Pulse Mining’s CoalMan.

BLOCKED VESSELS LIST - Safeguard your product by gaining access to a listing of potentially problematic shipping clients.

LONG-TERM FORECASTING - 'What if' analysis or snapshots for future comparison against current position.

PROVISIONAL INVOICING - Increase communication with buyers and track ongoing reversals or re-issues.

INTEGRATE - Integrate with Pulse Mining ERP modules - Financial and Operations, or 3rd party systems such as SAP.

REAL-TIME CARGO BUILDING - See each penalty, bonus or rejection as results are available to allow optimisation of blends to contract requirements.

DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION - View live data and marketing position to enable quick and accurate decisions.


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Designed to track coal from mine to customer, CoalMan is an all-inclusive coal management system designed to suit all coal mining methods. It helps miners meet complex contract quality requirements, through harmonising logistical business processes to enable faster, better decision making.

When combined with Pulse Mining’s Operations module, CoalMan offers miners complete visibility and management of coal production, stockpiles, logistics and marketing from pit to port, to customer.

CoalMan itself consists of four sub-modules, Blending Schedules & Logistics, Customers & Contracts, Invoicing & Receipting, and, Sales & Forecasts, which together provide a fully integrated solution enabling miners to access real-time, accurate information when and where needed from within one system.